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Surface Round and Burr Free

Develop intelligence and help growing happily

Improve hand-brain coordination ability and cognitive ability of things

Thinking games for all ages 

Observation Training 

Control Balance 
Material - Wooden 

How to play:

Place a steel ball at the starting point, and control the gamepad to successfully avoid various traps and reach the end point, which is success. If you fall into the trap halfway, the game fails.
Single-player combat: Single-player controls the handles on both ends of the labyrinth box, adjusts the tilt of the game board up, down, left and right, and guides the steel ball to slide forward.
Two-player: Each person controls the handle on one end of the labyrinth box and adjusts the angle of the game board together, so that the steel ball moves forward.

Labyrinth Hand Eye Coordination - Occupational Therapy

SKU: LBR 001
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