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  •  Identify areas of muscle fatigue, pain or injury. You can apply KINEMATICS TAPE muscle on your own, but some areas can taped only with a support of partner.
  • KINEMATICS TEX muscle tape can be applied only on clean, warm and dry skin, clearing desired area of lotions, dirt, oil or moisturisers (you can use alcohol-based substances). If you have excessive hair on a desired location, better shave it for better adhesion. If you do not follow these rules, tape may come off before the advised time.
  • It is better to apply KINEMATICS TEX muscle tape 30-40 minutes before physical activity or shower. 1-2 hours is optimal.
  • Measure appropriate length tape depending on the area you want to tape, given that it would become extended.
  • After you cut off a desired piece of tape, round off the corners of the cut piece using ordinary scissors. It is necessary to improve the attachment.
  • Remove the paper backing on the inside of the tape before applying. Without touching the sticky side, apply the tape on the injured area.
  • KINEMATICS TEX muscle tape bonds directly to the skin. It is important to place the tape while maximum stretched, so make the required epitelial tissues tension yourself. If you want to apply the tape to a joint, make sure that the joint is fully flexed. If you stick the tape to the knee or elbow when your leg or arm is straight extended, it would peel away.
  • Depending on the application technology, you can apply KINEMATICS TEX muscle tape with or without tension. Note that smoothing your tape should always be done from the middle to its edges, not vice versa, to avoid edges peeling away.
  • Do not stretch the ends of the tape. The first and the last 1-2 cm should always be applied without stretching.
  • To activate the adhesive after applying gently rub the tape with your hand (from the middle to the edges) to activate the adhesive with heat. Be careful with the edges to avoid peeling away.
  • After takig a shower or a bath use a towel or hair dryer to dry tape.
  • The strips should be removed in the direction of hair growth (top to bottom).

Kinematic Tex 5cm * 5m

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