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HIGH DENSITY: This high-density foam roller is made of sturdy EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) foam for effectiveness and durability. This roller is 18" Long, and cut in half for better stability.

IMPROVES FLEXIBILITY: Using the unique stimulating bumps this roller helps to relieve soreness and tension in muscles, improving range of motion and flexibility.

PRE & POST WORKOUT: Much like stretching, foam rolling is an integral part of your pre and post-workout routine. Foam rolling is fundamental to muscle recovery and injury prevention.

VERSATILE: Not only is foam rolling great for soothing and stretching muscles, but it is also great for building lean muscle. Our foam rollers help to warm your body up so that you can maintain proper form and be more effective with your workouts.

Perfect For All Ages: Our foam rollers are perfect for all ages and skill levels. Take it with you to soccer practice or physical therapy, these foam rollers are the perfect addition to any workout or at home fitness routine.

High Density EVA Foam Rollers

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